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Finding the fulfillment through your own purpose by optimizing all areas in your life. There are as many definitions of what ‘purpose’ is, as there are people in the world. Some will define purpose spiritually, while others look at it more vocationally.

Your purpose is what gives your life meaning. It is why you look forward to the day. And it is what makes your time spent on earth so much more than just ‘getting through another day.’

By looking at the overall dimension in our lives, we start to shift our mindset to reach this ultimate destination by tapping into our “true calling” or life’s purpose. This checklist is to guide you to make an action plan that will not only enable you to explore that purpose but make all areas to be part of the your life.

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Live the fulfilling life you desire and deserve today!

I met Ms. Nicky Dare and was not aware she is an author until I saw her one day shipping her books to her fans. That day she did not have a copy left but she returned to the store later that day to bring me one. I was very excited and happy. I wrote her this letter. I had enjoyed reading her book and shared it to my sister. Thank you for your kindness and such amazing book!

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